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roobrik (1999)
produced by Jesse Sprinkle and Aaron Sprinkle
Jesse Sprinkle - acoustic guitars, vocals, drums, percussion
Phil Peterson - cello
Aaron Sprinkle - electric guitar, bass, keyed instruments

the time i chased the sun
the harder i run
the song we've chased
the sweeter you come inside
the awful irate

the further unstrung
to sooth this heart of mine
the glitter will walk on by
and cover my shame

and lately you've made me cold
still the love of Christ my heart will know

the softer i come
the harder i try and find
a reason to stay alive
and barter my name

the sooner undone
the sooner i run and hide
the pressure to coincide
and it almost rained

you've made me completely whole
spilled the blood of Christ to cleanse my soul
and lately you've taken all of mine
and i'll never reach the sun from where i go

and may the grip of grace be found
amid all this breaking down
and why they see me
beneath slipping toward this sound
why it's always the same
and i remain too sound asleep
it's always the same
and you've noticed me while hiding out embracing
why i've distinctly found, found out

winded drizzle rain and snow
came to wake and soley scorn
weary wearing all her unheard days gone
then the breaking of this dawn
soon became the afternoon
astounded as this silence grew
soon we'll break for this conversation
in the rattling falling soon


evening windows
i want you to come
to the next part of saturday
and while time is raining and falling away

i asked you to run
instead you insist to play
and one time can't i stay

why reside
if couldn't be where you hide

and soon we would dance
in the quiet embrace of a subtle trance
a smile i cannot face

and could we become (wondering)
in the sight of another one (my king)
in opening windows and soaked by rain

and why reside
if it wouldn't be where you hide

in may
august came and no one told me why
in between we came from no one
the calming to see the sky
and in from whence we place this torrent
well it's soon to break my tide
now laughing with this moment
that comes to take my eyes

and recognizing
the truth between the subtle lines of dawn
and only half relying
time is gone

the day, is something new and no one told me why
to glorify the name from which we came to know
enduring rain

and recognizing
the truth between the subtle lines of dawn
and only half relying
time is gone

to save this quiet time


the leaving day
say the word
say what you and i have heard
for we believe the signs that autumn has come
in turn

leaving me alive
the wind beneath the colors of my mind
breathing fall

a leaf i find descending
and up from high to you and i it came
for the wind will blow to places unknown
and oh i will go

call it subdivine
to the leaving and all that it confined

in came,
will someone ease my mind
a taming call
and yesterday rewinds
to the relic of my mind

say the word
say what you and i have heard
for we can see the signs that summer has gone
and fall will come

yesterday is gone
will someone ease my mind
we came and saw
summer left behind
breathing fall

you made it all
you made it all

the place, emptiness infernal
it came gathering, cover me, empty out my nest
an endless day absurd
on the wrist white
offering, my own devices fail

come to me
the saddest way to see my heart believe
comfort me
to the nowhere comfort time

the same
summer left me sure
all this rain
bleeding with
cutting in
uttering a word
come into my soul
see an empty place
autumn left an all abiding well

come to me
the saddest way to see my heart believe
i'd rather miss the dawn than to feel it constantly
oh, the saddest way
and the mind is Him
and mine is dim


and when the morning came
we asked of death
when disapointment reigns
the thought of theft
to find a reason
hoping you were there
but no one came at all
finding you were gone
we've turned away
and two we've lost
for there's nothing gray

we walk another day incase of chance
(you've made the parting slow)
sleep in the scenery a glowing dance
you've made
this whitening fright of sufferings final song
you feel the cold in me
calling me, from efforts hiding

thought we'd bring the day
the time i took my coat
and softly we can say
beckoning all i think i know

come take my soul
i'm coming home

in whom we make our home
to think that we will fly alone
with whom we find our tone
in day

a room we may condone
to call on another and know we could install my own
a weakening turn may arise
solace is gone
to bed inside this day

and we came down
no one could say in this quiet line worship
you turned it around
i guess you'd say

they've turned me again
it's something you may forget
and won't you be my friend
won't you be my friend

all i comprehend
is circling down through the isle
circling to the end
i'm sorry that we couldn't fly
we couldn't fall
this weakening turn did arise
after all


and who will make our turn
and who will wake these tired eyes

tired eyes

friendly time
(written by mike connell)
courtesy of the connells and tvt records
i saw the Parkers and the Triefenbachs
i saw the Williams and the R.D. Gables
friends of mine
friends of mine
friendly time

i know the Christgaus and the Considines
i know the Jenkins and the Garbarinis
friends of mine
friends of mine
friendly time

la la la la
befriend me

la la la la

a room paints full light
the candle fades
and the cold wind it takes my life
and this is why i feel so dead

betroothed you have carried the signs
to the room of the tormentor
the soul-less way defies
(the soul-less way defies)
in bleakness parrion lies
(the truth that my pain dies)
the song of my requiem
(betroothed is painting the lie)
of my dawn
(the fall again)

a beautiful death in fall

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